Saturday, September 12, 2009

A dinosaur? Nah.....

It seems there is always somebody writing an article about how "traditional" brick and mortar libraries are going to be gone soon--replaced by banks of computers all using Google or similar search engines. And the mousy, shushing, meek librarians (even the new generation with tattoes and piercings and membership cards to the local roller derby team) will all be out of jobs or something.

Hear me, oh journalistic ones! Today I was helping a twenty-something man place a hold on a book. He asked me when he could expect to get the ASVAB book on which he had a hold, and I told him he was 6th on the list and so it depends on how quickly the people in front of him on the list return the book. But I was not done. As he turned to walk away, I asked him if he has Internet access at home. He doesn't, but he comes into the library a lot. So I showed him how to access practice tests from a database we subscribe to. He was amazed. I turned around, and another man asked me for the gardening section. Off we were to the 635s! After he found what he was looking for, a young lad approached me about placing holds on DVDs. After we achieved success there, his father informed me that the lad got his library card when his Boy Scout troop all got cards. Now the boy makes his dad bring him to the library every single week. When I congratulated them on this, I thought I might have the chance to sit down. Ha! No, one lady just got a puppy, and she needs to learn how to train it. Off to the 636s, and I even found her a Cesar Millan book since her friend recommended the "Dog Whisperer".

So, all you doom and gloom types, realize that the library may be changing, but it is not changing THAT much. As for me, I am glad to help all those people today...their smile is my reward.

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