Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What is that Thingfo?

Apparently nothing. I signed up for Thingfo just like I dutifully signed up for other things on the 27 Things list. Thingfo does not like me. I took a tour of the site and read the FAQs before doing anything else. So far, so good. But then it all fell apart. Every time I tried to sign in, it would not recognize my password. So I would reset my password (to the same one it was the first time) several times over. Then I would try to get started and it would give me the 404 message, which is something like "What are you trying to do? Get out of here!" Cute, but not very friendly. So I'd try again only to be kicked off the site. Honestly, I suppose having your twitter feed on your blog could be useful for some, but I don't find it quite necessary for my blog. Perhaps the people at Thingfo know this, and so I am not allowed to move past the home page. Oh, well. I am not going to lose any sleep over it.


  1. I also had a problem with Thingfo. Also, Wordpress wouldn't let me add it to my blog, so it wouldn't work for me in any case.

  2. Sorry to hear about your login problems. If you want to try again, shoot an email to "info @ thingfo dot com" (I'm typing it out so spam-bots don't pick it up) or find us on twitter at

    You can sign up on the front-page, and the login page is here at once you've joined.

    Going forward, we are working on a bunch of new features as well as streamlining the interface to make it easier to use. We'll also come out with a Wordpress plugin when we release our snazzy new features. If you continue to have those login issues, do let me know!

  3. I just read your little profile snippet on the righthand side! Bun in the oven!!!!! Congratulations!!!!