Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Back by popular demand, here is a link to the blog of my friend, Al Bruno III. He is a writer, and, unlike James Patterson, he is not getting rich off selling books just yet. But if he does, I plan on nominating one of his titles for One Book Sacramento. Probably not the one about the pavement eating monster though.

Piggybacking on John's post about technology/progress, today I was assisted with the task of seeing the branch with new eyes. (No, it wasn't anything like that disgusting scene in Minority Report with Tom Cruise). It's easy to stagnate when bogged down in the mundaneness of everyday tasks, but I want more. I want this place to be getting Better Every Day. I just heard a mom comment to her daughter, "The library is an exciting place to be." as they were exiting our all ages movie program. That's what I want to hear every single day.

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  1. What, no comments Al? All this free publicity, leading, potentially, to massive book sales, movie deals and tens, if not hundreds, of dollars?