Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Technology--is it safer?

Before I delve into other tasks on the 27 Things list (I have a Bloglines account and managed to subscribe to some feeds)....

Everyone talks about how different youth has it these days. For example, my son plays on plastic playground equipment with nice soft landing areas vs. the metal that would rust and give you blisters either from friction or from being heated to a billion degrees in the sun.

Last night, my 8 year old neighbor, Coby, had another drum lesson. He just started, so he's not close to Tommy Lee yet. Angel, another neighbor, and I stood with our boys at the end of the driveway and shouted encouraging remarks about his rock star status, although he should be cautioned against playing with Spinal Tap. Angel stated she wished she had a lighter to hold aloft. I remembered I had my cell phone and held it aloft as apparently cell phones are the new lighter. One of my colleagues has an iPhone, which has a flashlight application that would be perfect for using at a concert. Certainly, it would be safer to use a cell phone's LCD than a lighter. I have never gotten burns on my thumb from a cell phone, unlike a lighter's flint wheel, at a concert or anywhere else. However, there is a certain satisfaction to flicking one's Bic and the element of danger connected to holding the element of fire.

Not to mention the satisfaction of burning a Red Sox hat with a Yankees lighter. Go, Nicky!


  1. Yeah, I wouldn't be the drummer for Spinal Tap for anything.

  2. You put in a link to define "fire"? Is this for people unfamiliar with the concept but knowledgable with Motley Crue? Actually, that may encompass a lot of folks.

  3. It was to make you ask that exact question, John.
    Plus, most folks know about Tommy Lee apart from the Crue thanks to his ex-wife and that video.

  4. Unlike SOME PEOPLE, I've not seen the video.

  5. I don't know who the some people are, but I am not among them.