Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Old way vs. the new way

Last night, I checked my mailbox. You know the kind. It sits at the end of your property, and a trusty government worker drops all sorts of stuff into it like letters and bills. I received the latest version of the alumni newsletter from SUNY-Albany (although they call it UAlbany now). I found out that Harvey Milk is a fellow alum as I perused the pages.

Fast forward to a few minutes ago. I am checking out Topix to provide fodder for this blog (unlike the last post--that was for fun), and I learn that the"Craigslist Killer", Phil Markoff, is also an alum! I don't want to know that! Stupid technology! (just kidding)

I also learned that some streets in Albany are being closed to film a car chase scene for the latest Angelina Jolie action movie, "Salt". So it all evens out.

Right now, I like Topix, and I prefer Google Reader over Bloglines.


  1. So SUNY-Albany has produced a mass murderer and a radical politician and Albany itself has attracted one of the world's greatest liberals. Be afraid, Peter, be afraid.